Equip Your Fleet with the Capable Ram ProMaster

The ProMaster cargo van has long been prized as a delivery vehicle for individuals and fleet owners due to the van's reliability and ample interior space. The new ProMaster was created to provide a greater degree of capability. See how the ProMaster might benefit your business. Inspect them at our Estevan Motors Ltd location. Take a van for a test drive.

The ProMaster comes standard with a 3.6-liter, six-cylinder engine that capably supplies up to 280 horsepower. The six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive technology make the van a workhouse in all types of conditions. Fleet owners further save money as the vans need oil changes only after every 10,000 miles.

The spacious interior holds up to 4,680 pounds of cargo. Towing is also not a problem. The ProMaster handles up to 5,100 pounds. With a 36-foot turning diameter, the truck easily maneuvers through city streets, narrow alleys or busy loading docks.



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