The Ram 3500 is a Capable Workhorse

The Ram 3500 is a popular heavy-duty truck most commonly used for work and towing. This truck has been specially made to be powerful enough to tow the largest trailers and durable enough to endure the harshest conditions. Our team in Estevan, SK is impressed with the overall package the Ram 3500 brings to the table.

The towing capabilities of Ram 3500 are substantial. The diesel engine makes 421 kg-ft of torque, allowing the 3500 to tow up to 14,156 kg. This is in addition to being able to tow 13,607 kg with a fifth-wheel. The 3500 can handle a payload up to 3,333 kg. The Ram 3500 has other towing features like heavy duty tow hooks and a tow/haul mode selector. With all of these features together the 3500 becomes the ultimate towing machine.

If you want to test out the Ram 3500 stop by Estevan Motors Ltd. and take it for a test drive. Our team can tell you about the ample abilities of the Ram 3500.

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