Technology Improves The Capability of The Ram 1500

Those who want to purchase a light-duty truck should come to Estevan Motors Ltd. in Estevan, SK and take a look at the Ram 1500. This truck has a sterling reputation for being rugged and dependable. The Ram 1500 provides you with the power and technology you need for towing and safety.

There are four different engines available on the Ram 1500, and each of these engines is now equipped with eTorque. This is a system that makes the engine more efficient, and it improves overall performance. With eTorque, the alternator is replaced. Instead, there is a 48-volt motor powered by the battery. The belt-driven motor helps to generate increased power.

You can tow a lot with the Ram 1500, but you need to be safe. The Ram 1500 has a blind spot monitor that covers the trailer. You will have increased protection against side collisions as the sensors make sure the entire area is clear of traffic.

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