The Jeep Cherokee Goes All-In with Safety

The sleek-looking Jeep Cherokee deserves all its consumer-afforded popularity. The combination of looks and performance allow it to rank high among consumers. The vehicle comes with other benefits, too. The safety features, in particular, deserve praise.

The Jeep Cherokee does come packed with exceptional safety features. Rain-sensing wipers show the manufacturer considered many things when attempting to boost safety. Once condensation builds on the windshield, the wipers go into action. The result is a potentially much better view through the glass.

Adaptive cruise control further delivers support to drivers. The Jeep Cherokee's cruise control comes with advanced technology that supports a "safe distance" measure. That is, the vehicle keeps a pre-selected, and hopefully safer, distance from preceding traffic. It does this through automatic speed adjustments.

Find out if the Jeep Cherokee is the right SUV for you. A test drive reveals all, so come by our showroom at Estevan Motors Ltd. to ask for one.


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